About Four Season Kitchens

Four Season Kitchens is a premier kitchen design studio located in the picturesque country setting of Stow, Massachusetts. As Stow, a once robust farming community depended on the seasons for its prosperity; Four Season Kitchens’ owner and designer Robert Silvestri believes the seasons continue tfour season kitchens, stow, massachusettso play a role in our lives. “Our lives are so governed by the four seasons. Each uniquely influences the planning and preparation of our meals and reveals how our kitchens are functioning and how they can best serve us.”

Though a namesake of the business, this is only one of the many details involved in an all-inclusive design process allotted each and every kitchen project. (please note the photos at right – one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional paper renderings Robert Silvestri meticulously crafts by hand for his clients)

Having worked as an architectural designer and builder for 38 years, Robert now specializes in the fine art of custom kitchen design.

We invite you to contact us by phoning (617) 838-4472 in Stow (or by clicking the "CONTACT US" link below), to set a date to visit and review your project options. We believe you’ll agree the right design solution to any kitchen challenge will provide you with a unique and beautiful kitchen for all seasons.


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